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How to start a business at 21?

Starting a business at a young age is exciting. They are getting inspired by social media or their family members who make lots of money. As money attracts luxury. starting a business helps them to achieve their desired lifestyle.

A step-by-step guide to starting a business at 21

Identify your passion

The first step is to identify your passion as it motivates you to hustle. keeping a passion in tour mind helps to achieve and focus on the sole goal for that period. Enjoy what you are doing and keen observation is very important around yourself. see what problems people are facing.

connect your passion to their problem and try to solve them.

Do market research

Market research is very important as it helps to know how many people are facing the same problem every day. Analyze the competitors, trends, and target customers.

For example- the birth of Zomato was done by the owner as he is facing the same problem every day and that same problem was faced by a lot of people.

Create a plan

A well-crafted business plan is crucial for starting a business. It has all the essential information related to business strategies, objectives, goals, vision, mission, and financial projections. The plan is the road map of every business it must be step by step.

Register your business

To operate your business legally, it has to be registered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs or relevant authority; for that choose the type of firm you are taking your business into. Choose a structure like a partnership, sole proprietorship, joint venture, public or private limited company.

Build a team

Building a team is one of the hardest tasks as you have to make lots of effort to find a person who has the same goals, the same passion, and a good mindset.

Doing business with team members helps to brainstorm ideas and foster collaborations. High-performing teams lead to better business outcomes.

Implementing your plan

Implementing and executing the desired plan is very important. The most crucial step is execution according to what is planned. Every step should be taken very carefully with the discussion of mentors and teammates.


At younger ages, fundraising is quite difficult. But there could be a few options like funds from family and relatives and bootstrap your business. Additionally, explore government schemes, crowdfunding, or angel investors. they provide funds as well as mentorship to new business owners.

Deepak Kardam

Build a strong network

building a network of persons who have more experience, attend seminars, colleagues, mentors, and potential partners. Learn new things from them, have regular discussions with them exchange ideas, and focus on their communication skills.

Digital Marketing

In today’s era marketing is done through the Internet. and every business has its very important presence. Making a website with all the information provided in it helps to build loyalty towards customers.

Having social media accounts search engine optimization and content writing are the best ways to reach your customers through digital marketing.


Learn from business partners, and mentors to avoid any losses in the business. Adapt new skills and focus on learning new things and skills. Stay updated with the trends. So that you can study and capture the market easily.


Starting a business is exciting as well as rewarding. It required lots of passion, dedication, hard work, throughout plan, and perseverance. Identifying your future goals at a young age and executing them as planned is a big deal. Make your business digital by making a website, social media handling, and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Every business needs lots of effort. Even if somebody fails, accept it learn from their mistakes, and avoid it next time. Learn new skills from time to time so that they can help their teammates or subordinates.


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